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    Titan Shoutouts: September-October

    TC Williams students shout out their favorite peers and staff Kate Casper Theogony introduced Titan Shoutouts in early September. T.C. Williams students, teachers, and staff anonymously shared their favorite fellow Titans and why they love them. Vencena Sye, Math Teacher 2. Karam Burjas, Senior 3. Fina Osei-Owusu, Senior 4. Elizabeth Lane, Sophomore 5. Sarah Kıyak, English Teacher 6. Nyla Fox, Senior 7. Molly Freitag, Social Studies Teacher 8. Joshua Hernandez, Senior 9. Tracie Jackson, Counselor 10. Ingrid Pavon, Sophomore 11. Elizabeth Gaffney, Social Studies Teacher 12. Yahney Marie, Freshman 13. Alfonso Carnucci, Math Teacher 14. Ellie Lo, Junior 15. Sarah Brennan, Junior 16. Simon Guggenheim, Social Studies Teacher 17. Zainab…

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    POV: You are a Virtual+ Student at TC Williams

    Lilla Gleeson and Lauren Thiell On March 13, students were told that in two weeks, they would return to school after a short break due to coronavirus concerns. Two weeks became 4 months. Now over half a year since the covid-19 outbreak in the United States, T.C. Williams High School students are attending virtual classes from home.  As students adjust to a fully virtual environment, they share their opinions and experiences.   While students adjust to harder classes and a heftier workload in junior and senior year, students must also adjust to a new structure, new distractions, and a new world. Junior Kenna Murphy said she finds it  “very difficult to…

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    The Titan Underground Vol. 1: Terrain

    Creating music is a way that people channel their emotions. It expresses the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. To the listener, music can be used to help focus or tune out completely. It can create a rush of adrenaline or a sense of calmness. But finding new music and artists can be overwhelming in an era in which so much is available. It can be hard to sort through the noise and find some of the amazingly talented artists who aren’t on the major airwaves.

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    A Reminder That You Are Not Alone

    Mental Health Awareness and Resources in a Stressful World Jacqueline Lutz Quarantine has affected everyone in a multitude of ways and has been isolating for many people. Unable to gather in large groups and engage in normal activities, people’s social lives have come to an abrupt halt.  Lack of social interaction can be damaging to one’s mental health — human beings are naturally social and look to their peers and communities for support. Without the same interactions that there were before the pandemic, people’s mental health can decline significantly and quickly.  While online school helps prevent the spread of coronavirus, it can also contribute to a decline in student’s physical…

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    T.C. Community Weighs In On Alternative T.C. Williams Names

    In the wake of nationwide protests against racial injustice, community leaders and Alexandria residents have revitalized a two-decades-long effort to change the name of the only public high school in Alexandria. The high school was named after Thomas Chambliss Williams, superintendent of Alexandria’s public schools from the 1930s to the 1960s and known opponent of integration. Through an Instagram poll conducted by Theogony, members of the T.C. community voiced their opinions on alternative names for the school. The people have spoken; out of the 17 who responded, 11 explained why they preferred the name they chose.