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    Opinion: The Hybrid Experience

    Abigail Fireison If the normal high school experience and the hybrid high school experience were put into a Venn diagram, there would still be similarities where the circles overlap. For one, new students still have to navigate a large school campus, figure out where the  bathrooms are, and sometimes arrive late to class. For another, there are staff members in the halls ready to offer directions and discipline, and you can still order a school lunch. However, the hybrid high school experience is inevitably different from what normal high school would be like. Even with the teachers in person and the staff in the halls, it’s impossible to ignore the…

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    Reopening Schools: How do Parents and Students Feel?

    Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) reopened schools for hybrid learning to all students on March 16. The days students are attending in-person school depend on their last name. If their last name starts with A-M, they come in on Tuesday and Wednesday; those with last names starting with N-Z go in on Thursday and Friday.

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    Student Opinions on Returning to School

    After almost a year of online learning T.C. students are finally returning to the building. It won’t be the same as last year, with students only going in two days a week, hardly anyone in the classrooms and of course, mask wearing. But it's a step in the right direction.

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    A Painful National Women’s History Month

    March is National Women’s History Month, a time that is meant to be set aside to honor the contributions women have made throughout American history, and recognize the hardships women face. However, the first weeks of March have been filled with pain, grief, and anger around the world.

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    How Is T.C. Actually Handling 504s and IEPs?

    Due to the spread of COVID-19, schools across America have been forced to adapt to a virtual or hybrid program to keep staff, students, and their families safe. Changing from an in-person classroom environment to one through a screen has been difficult for many families; however, this transition can be particularly challenging for students with 504s and Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

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    A Coffee Toast and Roast

    Fontaine, Misha’s, Uptowner, Buzz and more. These are just some of the many coffee shops that line the streets of Alexandria. As an avid coffee drinker and connoisseur, I was determined to discover the best coffee in Alexandria, as it is lousy with these shops. However, I also wanted to find some of the...less tasty coffee that places that Alexandria has to offer in an effort to spare you from spending money on a below average watered down bland-bean cup of joe.

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    Spoiler Alert: It Gets Worse

    While in seventh period, your phone starts blowing up—texts, Twitter notifications, Instagram stories, and reposts all flood in about what is going on in Washington D.C. There are thousands of protesters and rioters in the streets of the nation’s capital to support the president and his false claims of a stolen election. And then you see it: hundreds of people violently storming the Capitol building, wielding Trump flags, Make America Great Again hats, and the occasional assault rifle. They are stealing, breaking, and vandalizing the Capitol, and now four are dead.

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    Joe Rogan, a Professional People Pleaser

    In the early part of the 20th century, radio was all the rage—it filled homes across the country and world with good news, bad news, stories, music, and other entertainment. Then the television came along, and radio became a dying art form. The media goliath that once ruled the nation and captivated audiences' ears was lost to the newcomer that brought motion pictures into the living room of many Americans. Then as quickly as television took over, it was taken over by the internet, which brought the emergence of blogs, video-sharing, streaming platforms, and social media. But one thing that it brought seems eerily remnant of the days huddled around…

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    School Reopening: What’s the Plan?

    As coronavirus cases rise across the country, Alexandria City Public School (ACPS) is discussing options for reopening schools. While it is unlikely that high school students will go back this year, they are still planning for the possibility of it happening. Teachers have mixed feelings about whether or not it is worth it to return.