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    Opinion: The Hybrid Experience

    Abigail Fireison If the normal high school experience and the hybrid high school experience were put into a Venn diagram, there would still be similarities where the circles overlap. For one, new students still have to navigate a large school campus, figure out where the  bathrooms are, and sometimes arrive late to class. For another, there are staff members in the halls ready to offer directions and discipline, and you can still order a school lunch. However, the hybrid high school experience is inevitably different from what normal high school would be like. Even with the teachers in person and the staff in the halls, it’s impossible to ignore the…

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    A Coronavirus Thanksgiving: Dos and Don’ts

    Many use the Thanksgiving holiday as a time to get together with relatives and friends, eat good food, and be grateful for the things in their lives. This year, due to COVID-19 and rising cases in America, this Thanksgiving will have to be different in many ways. Using CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines for coronavirus holiday gatherings, here are some dos and don’ts for ways to safely celebrate.