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    Titan Underground Vol. 4: Ben Tufts

    Ethan Gotsch While working as a professional musician can be a rewarding experience, it is not an easy career. Now more than ever, professional musicians are expected to be knowledgeable in most or all aspects of music, skilled at one’s instrument(s), savvy when it comes to the business side of the industry, and able to work day or night.  A prime example of the workmanlike attitude found in the modern musician is the D.C. area’s very own Ben Tufts—a drummer by trade who has expanded his musical horizons to do just about anything thrown at him. Volume 4 of the Titan Underground will examine how Tufts evolved into a musical…

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    Titan Underground Vol. 3: Crooked Beat Records

    In Volume 3 of The Titan Underground, we venture to 802 North Fairfax Street in North Old Town to explore Crooked Beat Records, which carries a variety of vinyl records, CDs by local artists, record players, and music-related merchandise. To some, this small shop is a relic of the past. After all, when people have access to a seemingly infinite amount of music on their phones, why buy a physical record?

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    A Coffee Toast and Roast

    Fontaine, Misha’s, Uptowner, Buzz and more. These are just some of the many coffee shops that line the streets of Alexandria. As an avid coffee drinker and connoisseur, I was determined to discover the best coffee in Alexandria, as it is lousy with these shops. However, I also wanted to find some of the...less tasty coffee that places that Alexandria has to offer in an effort to spare you from spending money on a below average watered down bland-bean cup of joe.

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    MF DOOM: Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Rapper

    On December 31, it was announced via social media that the rapper MF DOOM had died. The announcement was initially made on his Instagram page and stated that the rapper had died two months earlier on October 31, with causes still unannounced to the public. The rapper was 49 years old, with a wife and kids and a successful, yet somewhat underrated, career in the music industry.

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    Movies and Shows Being Removed from Netflix

    As 2020 comes to a close, some of the classic shows and movies are being taken off of Netflix. While there are many shows and movies being removed from the platform, some of the more popular ones such as The Office, The Notebook, and Gossip Girl are going to be greatly missed. They are going to be transferred to various platforms.

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    Digital Creator on the Rise: nima!

    From productivity vlogs and montages to gift guides and advice, 23-year-old Northern Virginia-based YouTuber and blogger Nima is the go-to internet personality for all things creative, inspiring, and honest. Unlike other digital creators, Nima purposefully remains “nicheless,” sharing authentic content that does not fall into one category. Her platforms are a space for her to share whatever she wants and connect with a community of individuals with similar interests.