Digital Creator on the Rise: nima!

Northern Virginia YouTuber and Blogger talks starting a Digital Presence in 2020

Kate Casper

From productivity vlogs and montages to gift guides and advice, 23-year-old Northern Virginia-based YouTuber and blogger Nima is the go-to internet personality for all things creative, inspiring, and honest. Unlike other digital creators, Nima purposefully remains “nicheless,” sharing authentic content that does not fall into one category. Her platforms are a space for her to share whatever she wants and connect with a community of individuals with similar interests. 

After graduating from the University of Virginia in 2019 with a major in political science and beginning her D.C. consulting job, Nima created her blog and Instagram account as a creative outlet for when she came home from work. Then, she created her YouTube channel

“I don’t have a niche. One day, I want to post a lookbook, the next day I’m talking about the LSAT, the next day I’m talking about my job…Life isn’t one-dimensional—you’re going to have multiple things going on, multiple interests,” said Nima. 

Nima discussed how she made her collage for her intro, saying, “I made it within the first two weeks of covid. I was going stir crazy in my house…I knew when the pandemic started it would be a fun activity to make a collage, so I printed out those pictures not really thinking anything of it.” Then, one day, she decided to film a clip of it to use in future video blogs, put some hand lettering over it, and it quickly became her signature touch!

Although Nima does not put herself in a box, all of her content has a distinctive vibe and aesthetic. Between the soft, muted color scheme and hand lettering on her thumbnails to the vintage-style intro featuring her signature motif, a collage on her wall, Nima’s YouTube videos and blog posts share a common theme and style. Thus, she cultivates a cohesive online presence that feels uniquely “Nima.” 

She said, “Regardless of what I’m doing, there are still elements of my brand sprinkled throughout…If you’re watching my video, you can tell you’re watching my video.”

Beyond the appearance and artistic choices, the real gem is the substance of her content and her personality. Her blog and channel are collections of posts that feel conversational, personable, and helpful. Exploring topics like sustainable fashion, tokenism, racial inequality, music, and college/postgraduate life, Nima provides her thoughts in a multitude of areas. This tasteful mix of content also includes more personal posts and life updates that feel like diary entries. 

Instead of sharing for the sake of sharing, Nima shares to help and inform others, whether it be in detailing her experience studying for the LSAT or her experience with diversity and inclusion attending UVA. One huge passion Nima focuses on is bolstering Black voices and Black creators like her.

In a blog post, Nima wrote, “Black representation in fashion is a passionate topic of mine and is partially responsible for why I wanted to start this website in the first place. For years I’ve found myself so discouraged by the lack of exposure of Black designers, models, journalists, and the like. In the year 2020, I really shouldn’t be so stunned when I come across someone who looks like me in the fashion sphere, yet here I am.” 

Nima strives to be socially responsible by posting Black Lives Matter resources and sharing Black-owned small businesses and brands. “I haven’t always been that outspoken on social media; however, I think at this point the things I talk about shouldn’t even be politicized,” she said. “Having a backbone when you have a brand is so important because what do you stand for if you don’t stand for the things you care about?”

“Growing up, I realized that creativity looks different for so many people. For me, I get the most inspired, and I’m the most creative when I’m talking to other people and I’m interacting with other people. So that’s why YouTube…and Instagram [are] such great platforms because I’m constantly talking to people who ‘get it,'” said Nima.

Nima has garnered over 1,000 subscribers on YouTube and a loyal base of readers on her blog, She is on the verge of greater internet success, but still considers her online work a “hobby”–it is not about the numbers for her. She said, “I’m very happy with the way my channel is right now because there’s nothing that draws you to my channel other than me.” Nima continued, “I love that I don’t feel like I rely on anything external…It’s just me making a genuine connection with people.”

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Kate Casper is the Theogony Style Editor and Outreach Committee Leader. She took Journalism I as a freshman and has been a member of Theogony since 2018 and an editor since 2019. Kate plays Varsity Tennis and submits poetry to the T.C. literary and art magazine, Labyrinth. Kate strives to be the pulse of the T.C. culture.