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    Winter Sports Get Iced

    T.C. Seniors Lose Their “Last Dance” Hunter Langley Over the past eight months, nothing but uncertainty and disappointment has arisen from the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps the biggest disappointment for a lot of seniors was the announcement from the athletic department that the school would not be participating in the winter sports season. The announcement comes at the heels of a letter written by the Alexandria Health Director (AHD) Stephen Hearing where he stated that the “AHD does not recommend conducting/participating in sports and activities in which there is close proximity to athletes.” The Virginia High School League (VHSL,) the organization in charge of high school athletics has not yet canceled…

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    A Coronavirus Thanksgiving: Dos and Don’ts

    Many use the Thanksgiving holiday as a time to get together with relatives and friends, eat good food, and be grateful for the things in their lives. This year, due to COVID-19 and rising cases in America, this Thanksgiving will have to be different in many ways. Using CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines for coronavirus holiday gatherings, here are some dos and don’ts for ways to safely celebrate.

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    You Are Cordially Invited to Corona Thanksgiving!

    Come one, come all! Hereby everyone who is currently reading these words is invited to my Corona Thanksgiving celebration, or as I call it: Thanks-Corona-for-ruining-my-life. Please save the applause until the end, I know I’m absolutely hilarious (If any SNL intern is reading this please just hire me already, I know you want to, I have lots of funny jokes like these I swear. I also take tips, provided in cash or Starbucks Gift Cards).

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    Local Student Government Election Gets Dramatic

    At the local elementary school, the Ultimate School of Alexandria (USA), the recent student government election has been full of drama and excitement. The student body president election between fourth-grader Jolene Bryden and fifth-grader Donelda Turnip heated up as the two competed ruthlessly for the spot.

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    A Review and Analysis of Positions by Ariana Grande

    On October 30th, record-breaking singer Ariana Grande released her sixth studio album Positions. She dropped the title track “positions” a week prior, teasing the name of the album for her fans. The 14-song collection features three collaborations and highlights Grande’s R&B skills and wide vocal range -- from low tones to whistle notes.

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    School Reopening: What’s the Plan?

    As coronavirus cases rise across the country, Alexandria City Public School (ACPS) is discussing options for reopening schools. While it is unlikely that high school students will go back this year, they are still planning for the possibility of it happening. Teachers have mixed feelings about whether or not it is worth it to return.

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    8 Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Minnie Howard

    Though there has been a load of coverage about the story behind T.C. Williams and the segregationist superintendent it is named after, there has been little coverage of Minnie Howard, the woman who the freshman campus of T.C. Williams is named after. So who was Minnie Howard, and why is she so important to Alexandria’s history?

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    Twenty Years in Old Town

    Following a wave of small business closures in Alexandria throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the beloved secondhand bookstore, Book Bank, closed its doors for good. Book Bank joins the list of small businesses that permanently closed during this time, including Aftertime Comics, The Christmas Attic, Blüprint Chocolatiers, and Nectar Coffee and Wine Bistro, among other independently-owned establishments in Old Town and Del Ray.