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    Spotlight on the Career Preparation Program

    Amazing opportunities await the Citywide Special Education students in Alexandria. Unlike most middle schoolers, special education students go directly from middle school to the T.C. King Street Campus, bypassing Minnie Howard altogether. They begin high school in the Career Preparation program, a program that prepares students with disabilities for life beyond their post-secondary education.

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    Where Do We Go From Here?

    There is an end in sight to Virtual Plus+ learning for all Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) students, unfortunately, it appears to be at the end of a very long tunnel. Through a series of meetings with the School Board, ACPS recently proposed their plan to return to in-person learning starting as early as November. However, the plan to return does not include every grade in ACPS at the beginning.

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    Teachers’ Opinions On Semester Scheduling

    Teachers share the roadblocks they have confronted as they transition from in-person to virtual school. Abigail Ernst and Katie Vastola The shift to virtual school has demanded high school teachers completely rethink the style of their courses, as year-long courses have changed to semester-long courses and twice-to-thrice-a-week classes shifting to be five days a week. With no indication of return to in-person learning anytime soon, some teachers like Matthew Zahn are not preparing for a return to in-person classes. “I don’t want to prepare for something that might not even happen,” Mr. Zahn said.  The 2020-2021 schedule consists of students taking four classes each semester. With the first semester, red…