April Fools Edition

Zoom Dress Code

Titans, get ready for the new dress code!

Abigail Ernst

After a year of virtual learning, ACPS has decided to implement a new Zoom dress code across the school system, and this is how it impacts T.C. 

Administer Suzie Swankypants said, “We feel the need as a school system, especially for T.C., to implement a dress code. We have noticed students inappropriately dressing for virtual school, and we feel this is a major issue that needs an immediate response.” 

The new dress code will expand on the current one at T.C. Since the dress code last year was applied so equally between genders. Now, all students will have to wear a uniform to prevent PJs-and-sweats-wearing every day. Each student, no matter the gender will have to wear the same uniform. Ms. Swankypants also indicated that the new uniform will be fashion-forward and allow the normal dress code to be followed.  Fingertips will be covered and revealing clothing will not be acceptable.  

The uniform includes a pantsuit with a pirate blouse. Students can choose between three different colors, red, white, and blue, the school colors, for the blouse. This is to represent school pride each and every day. Although the pantsuit has to be black and it is a required dress, all the pieces of the uniform will be provided by the school. The school is in the process of delivering uniforms to all students, and the first day of the new dress code will be the first day after break. 

Junior Pookie Strahman said, “This dress code is even worse than the last one, now we are all going to walk around looking ridiculous. Are they trying to punish us with these hideous uniforms!”

Another Junior, Levi Crew, is excited about the new dress code.  He said, “Pirate blouses rock.  Pantsuits, awesome!  Love me some school color clothes!”

Additionally, all students have to wear toe shoes as the required footwear. However, there are multiple options to choose from, all black shoes, black and white shoes, red, white, and blue shoes, and pink and black shoes. Students do not have to walk on their toes all day, but it is recommended.

Contrary to Crew, Sophomore Arron Bushirts said, “Toe shoes, seriously!? Those were so 2010s. I cannot believe T.C. is making us wear these outfits, they have no fashion sense at all.” 

Whether you like the new uniforms or hate them, they are coming to a King Street Campus near you. So the Freshman do not feel left out, the Minnie Howard Campus will have the same uniform with one minor adjustment, they will each have an embroidered F on them for Freshman.