April Fools Edition

To All the TC Boys I’ve Loved Before

Kate Casper

I write a letter when I have a crush so intense that I don’t know what else to do. There are five total: Trevor from freshman bio, Neil from the B100s, Brad from the student section, Caden from King Street, and Froy from the Samurai Hibachi & Sushi Bar at Foxchase.

Nobody else knows about them. Until now. 

The First:

The Second:

 The Third:

The Fourth:

The Fifth:

To all the T.C. boys I’ve loved before, thanks for giving me things to laugh about with my friends; thanks for giving me something to think about when I was bored. Love you all dearly and wish you the best.

See ya never!

Kate Casper is the Theogony Style Editor and Outreach Committee Leader. She took Journalism I as a freshman and has been a member of Theogony since 2018 and an editor since 2019. Kate plays Varsity Tennis and submits poetry to the T.C. literary and art magazine, Labyrinth. Kate strives to be the pulse of the T.C. culture.