April Fools Edition

Lilla and Lauren’s Favorite TC Covid Couples

Pandemic or Not, Love Is in the Air

Lilla Gleeson and Lauren Thiell

Theogony writers Lilla Gleeson and Lauren Thiell browsed the @tcwhs_ships Instagram account and found quite a few cute couples. We picked out a few of our favorites to showcase.

 We reached out to these couples and asked if we could speak about how they’ve been able to maintain their relationship through these tough times. This is what they had to say:

While talking to Malik and Davi today, Lilla and Lauren noticed how well they matched together. This junior couple has been together for over a year and “Cannot wait for the future” according to Malik. We talked to every couple about how Covid has impacted their relationships. Beserat and Robles both agreed that in the beginning, it was hard not seeing each other as much, but now they are finally able to see each other (with masks and social distancing!). They told us they try to spend their time together outside, which meant they were often going on picnics and walking around the neighborhood together!

This lovely couple has had their ups and downs, but ultimately, they always come out on top. They met in the spring of 2020, and have been together on and off ever since. Anez, a junior, told us, “I am excited for the future with him, and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for our relationship.” Miller, a senior, seems to be on the same page. During Covid, they have been trying to see each other as much as possible, going over to each other’s houses for movies as well as going on frequent walks to their favorite coffee shop St. Elmos. Because of their long history and passionate relationship, we consider them to be one of the cutest couples at T.C.


Evan and Rain are one of T.C.’s newest couples! They became closer friends during school because they had classes together and recently decided to tie the knot! They both say they are excited to see what happens next in their blossoming relationship. Covid hasn’t hit them too hard, especially since they are such a new couple, and things are starting to look up. They have mutual friends, so they see each other almost every weekend at small gatherings. 

This couple threw us for a loop! When we reached out to this “couple,” they both expressed how they are no longer together. Ayala and Lundgren explained that they ended on good terms and are still the best of friends. They explained how their relationship only lasted a few weeks since they noticed they were better off as just friends. The funny thing is they did not even realize they got shipped on the Instagram page!

All in all, T.C. Williams couples are going strong during these difficult times. We wish these ships the best!