April Fools Edition

How Long is Six Feet?

Nora Malone

They’re everywhere, inside schools, cafes, and parks: “Please Remain Six Feet Apart,” Everyone has seen the signs, but how many understand? How long actually is six feet?

It’s an odd measurement, ‘six feet.’ Is it six steps? More? Do they expect us to carry yardsticks around with us? These are questions everyone has asked, but fear no longer! Here are some measurements that are equal to six feet to help you understand.

1/16 of a whale

1/7 of a school bus

1/32 of a blimp

8.5 straws

2.25 Ariana Grande Ponytails

Now, maybe all these fractions and decimals confuse you. This was supposed to be simple, and if you don’t have the brain power to figure out what 2.25 is equal to, well I’ve got your back.

More Things That Equal 6 Feet:

36 Roborovski dwarf hamsters

1 Chris Evans

2 Longswords

12 iPhones

1 Rhino

Well, that’s great and all, but it’s been a while since you’ve been outside. Maybe you don’t remember how long a longsword is compared to the ground. And who can blame you? It’s hard to joust in a mask. You need things you see every day.

A Few More Things That Are Six Feet Long:

1 Refrigerator

6 Bowling Pins

1.75 Bikes

72 Paper Clips

Hopefully this was helpful! And if after this you still can’t figure out how to stay a safe distance away from others, well, that’s just natural selection.

Happy counting!