April Fools Edition

Prediction of Summer Trends

Elementary School Style Returns

Katie Vastola and Moira Sirois

The year is flying by, which means summer is only a few months away. With summer comes new fashion trends, and this year, elementary school style is coming back. The more sparkles and rainbow colors the better. You want the least amount of skin showing, which means no midriffs or thighs showing this summer, just like elementary school!

First, everyone’s favorite – plaid shorts are back in style! Throw out all your old athletic and jean shorts and replace them with plaid shorts. The longer the shorts are, the better. The shorts come in all kinds of color combinations, like pink and orange and blue and yellow. Everyone should be sure to own a pair of the classic scheme of pink, orange, and green. With tons of bright colors to choose from, who would not want to wear long plaid shorts all summer long?

Plaid shorts go great with the next summer trend, wearing tank tops under crop tops. Forget about making the colors go together, this summer is all about mismatched colors. If your crop top is a bright color like pink, make sure the tank top underneath is another bright color, like lime green, that also clashes with your shorts. You can not go wrong with a timeless style like this, just remember that neutral colors are out, and bright/neon colors are in style.

If you do not feel like layering your shirts with a tank top you can always go with a graphic sparkly shirt. The more sparkles and animals the better. You might want to consider having a saying on the shirt such as “peace.” Peace signs are coming back so make sure they are on at least on a shirt in your wardrobe.

A pants trend for this summer is yoga pants. Throw out your leggings and replace them all with yoga pants. Just make sure they are low rise: a return to elementary school fashion means no more high rise pants. Again, brighter colors are still better than dark or neutral colors, but with yoga pants it is okay to have maybe one pair of blak yoga pants. Other than that though, buy a variety of colors.

Claire’s jewelry is coming back in full force. Remember those rubber spiky ball earrings? Well, you better take them out of your closet because they are all the rage. The bigger earrings you wear, the more everyone will be able to see your trendy accessories. Also find your best friends forever (BFF) necklace, and you and your BFF can wear matching ones. If you have any charm bracelets, make sure to add those to your accessories as well. You can collect all different types of charms and change them out. Bigger jewels are always better. 

This summer, make sure you get all of your trendy clothes back out and relive your elementary school days through your outfits. Grab your plaid shorts, crop tops with tank tops, graphic tees, yoga pants, and jewelry, and you are ready for summer. Make sure you tell everyone you know that these trends are coming back!