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    TC Students Make the All-Virginia Jazz Ensemble

    The All-Virginia Jazz ensemble is a selected group of musicians from all over Virginia that perform in concerts together. Junior Brendan Putnum on drums and senior Patrick Kenny on bass both made the ensemble, while junior Tucker Stone on trumpet, junior Ellie Lo on piano, and freshman Zacharia Stover on bass are alternates.

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    Alexandria’s Vaccination Process

    On May 10, the FDA granted Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine emergency use authorization for kids ages 12-15. The CDC signed off on this two days later. This marks the beginning of kids getting vaccinated, which helps the United States reach its goal of herd immunity.

  • April Fools Edition

    Prediction of Summer Trends

    The year is flying by, which means summer is only a few months away. With summer comes new fashion trends, and this year, elementary school style is coming back. The more sparkles and rainbow colors the better. You want the least amount of skin showing, which means, no midriffs or thighs showing this summer, just like elementary school!

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    Reopening Schools: How do Parents and Students Feel?

    Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) reopened schools for hybrid learning to all students on March 16. The days students are attending in-person school depend on their last name. If their last name starts with A-M, they come in on Tuesday and Wednesday; those with last names starting with N-Z go in on Thursday and Friday.

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    Club Profile: Watershed Warriors

    Watershed Warriors is a club at T.C. Williams that aims to help educate Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) elementary school students about our watersheds so they learn to care for the environment. It is currently run by juniors Amelia Bernstein and Ella Bruinooge but it was originally started by Ana Humphrey, a 2019 graduate.

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    Movies and Shows Being Removed from Netflix

    As 2020 comes to a close, some of the classic shows and movies are being taken off of Netflix. While there are many shows and movies being removed from the platform, some of the more popular ones such as The Office, The Notebook, and Gossip Girl are going to be greatly missed. They are going to be transferred to various platforms.

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    School Reopening: What’s the Plan?

    As coronavirus cases rise across the country, Alexandria City Public School (ACPS) is discussing options for reopening schools. While it is unlikely that high school students will go back this year, they are still planning for the possibility of it happening. Teachers have mixed feelings about whether or not it is worth it to return.

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    Club Profile: Titans Fine Art Society

    The Titans Fine Art Society is one of the many new clubs at T.C. this year. It was founded by juniors Fiona Donovan and Gwen Peace to inspire people to continue making art. Senior Caroline Mitchell, Treasurer, says that she wanted to join the club because always wanted to be a member of an art club at T.C.