Checking in with TC Alumni, Justice Jones!

Interview with a Graduated Titan on Life after TC

Abigail Ernst

Justice Jones has been quite busy since graduating from T.C Williams 10 years ago. Jones attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln campus, where he started out in Broadcast Journalism, then switched majors to Advertising and Public Relations. During his time at the University of Nebraska, Jones interned with Adidas, worked for the campus newspaper, The Daily Nebraskan, started the official student section organization for the athletic department with friends, and did film production for the athletic department. Following graduation from Nebraska, Jones moved back to DC to work for a multi-company sales and marketing firm, then transferred to a tech company where he has been working for the past three years and is a Senior Account Executive. 

“[T.C.] really prepared me for life; from the experiences, the people you meet, and things like that, ” Jones said. He elaborated that T.C. really prepared him for the diversity in the real world, more than he anticipated. “It is such a unique school and some of the different things you just get to experience at TC are just amazing. You know it’s really hard to take for granted for sure.”

Some people lose contact with friends and teachers after high school, but that has not happened to Jones, who said that T.C.’s diversity prepared him for adulthood. “I think now I am more connected with the TC community still and people that I grew up with because I am here versus being thousands of miles away.”

“It is one of those things, where we live in such a large area, but you really do run into everyone,” Jones said. “When I moved back, just running into people out and about and being in Alexandria and being out for dinner and seeing people you have not seen in a long time, just having those moments to connect.”

Though he was initially skeptical, T.C. prepared him for life after high school more than he had expected. “I was not a firm believer of these classes really preparing you for college. Then I got to school and I was, like, actually, you know what? I am so glad the curriculum at T.C. was structured the way it was because I would not be able to survive.” 

He also said that Senior Experience, “a two-week unpaid career exploration or community service experience, ” according to ACPS, is beneficial in that it allows students the ability to be exposed to interning and understand its importance. Through having this opportunity as a senior, he was able to secure internships during his freshman year of college, rather than waiting until later. As well as leadership at TC, which taught him how to prepare for roles and responsibilities in college, and leadership positions in the workplace. 

However, there are some aspects in life that he feels TC did not prepare him for. “Don’t bite more than you can chew; because I definitely was a joiner and I felt like in high school that’s encouraged. However, I definitely learned in life that you can be involved and do a lot, but pace yourself.” 

Jones advised T.C. students to value their time at T.C. while they are there. “Really hold onto your experiences at T.C. and definitely use them to your advantage post-high school. It is not every day that someone can say they went to T.C. Williams High School.” Wear that badge of being an alumnus of T.C. Williams with honor.” 

Jones said, “T.C. Williams really does produce some really special people in this world; just look at the list of alumni and the people that come through that place. You never know when it is going to be your turn to shine [so] run with it and use it.”