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    MF DOOM: Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Rapper

    On December 31, it was announced via social media that the rapper MF DOOM had died. The announcement was initially made on his Instagram page and stated that the rapper had died two months earlier on October 31, with causes still unannounced to the public. The rapper was 49 years old, with a wife and kids and a successful, yet somewhat underrated, career in the music industry.

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    Local Student Government Election Gets Dramatic

    At the local elementary school, the Ultimate School of Alexandria (USA), the recent student government election has been full of drama and excitement. The student body president election between fourth-grader Jolene Bryden and fifth-grader Donelda Turnip heated up as the two competed ruthlessly for the spot.

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    A Reminder That You Are Not Alone

    Mental Health Awareness and Resources in a Stressful World Jacqueline Lutz Quarantine has affected everyone in a multitude of ways and has been isolating for many people. Unable to gather in large groups and engage in normal activities, people’s social lives have come to an abrupt halt.  Lack of social interaction can be damaging to one’s mental health — human beings are naturally social and look to their peers and communities for support. Without the same interactions that there were before the pandemic, people’s mental health can decline significantly and quickly.  While online school helps prevent the spread of coronavirus, it can also contribute to a decline in student’s physical…