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    Among Us Review

    Although initially released in June of 2018, one of the many games that has grown in popularity during quarantine is called Among Us. The game is hilarious and a great way to pass the time while stuck at home.

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    Education During A Pandemic Discussion

    Agenda: Alexandria Debates Virtual Learning Regina Allen Moving into the third week of this school year, many members of the T.C. and Alexandria  community are wondering what is happening. Why are some students online and others aren’t? Will we ever go back to school? Agenda: Alexandria is an organization that puts together panels that discuss a wide range of issues that affect the city. The meeting, held virtually on Monday, September 22, was supposed to answer these questions to ease the concerns of students, parents and staff as T.C. moves forward with virtual learning.  Shad Thomas, a board member of Agenda: Alexandria, moderated the event. The rest of the panel…

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    Youth React To Trump Boat Parade In Old Town

    Only three hours after the end of the Trump boat parade on the Potomac River, the colorful, historic streets of Old Town are already again packed with diverse, lively faces. Vendors sit in tents, their clothes, paintings, and prints advertised for sale telling multicultural narratives. The sun reflects off of the upstairs windows of the two-story brick buildings which adorn signs proclaiming “Black Lives Matter” and American flags from their windows. The majority of people are wearing masks, and with some exceptions, maintaining social distancing as much as feasible. A few eat at the recently opened outdoor seating areas of local restaurants, pulling their masks beneath their noses and chatting…