Among Us Review

This New Game Is Anything But “Sus”

Regina Allen

Although initially released in June of 2018, one of the many games that has grown in popularity during quarantine is called Among Us. It’s hilarious and a great way to pass the time while stuck at home. 

While the game may seem intricut, once you start playing, it’s really easy. Each game is made up of 10 or fewer people. One to three people are assigned to be the imposter and the rest are crewmates. It’s the imposter’s job to kill most of the crewmates before they figure out who the imposter is. The crewmates must complete all of their daily tasks around the map before the imposter kills them. The crewmates and the imposter have the choice to vote out a player every time a body is reported or an emergency meeting is called. 

Despite the darker premise, the game is actually very comedic. Players name themselves, choose the color they want for their avatar, and can dress in different costumes that range from viking helmets to toilet paper to a sticky note labeled “DUM.” The cartoon animations of the different tasks and even of the players killing each other adds to the playful nature of the game. 

There are three unique maps that people can play on, which players navigate with simple up and down movements. They’re designed as spaceships or isolated labs with brightly colored structures and whimsical decorations. There are special stations around them where crewmates complete their tasks. 

It can be played online with strangers and with friends. The chat feature allows these players to interact and it also gives the game a lighthearted feel. People are encouraged to lie and deceive. Alliances and rivalries are created, and players accuse each other of being “sus,” which is short for suspicious. This game is also convenient to play whenever you want. There is very little time commitment required for this game, with each of the rounds only lasting from five to ten minutes.

The party game Mafia inspired video game with meme and parody elements definitely earns the storage in your phone and is a waste of time that’s worth your time.

Will you play Among Us?