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    Titan Underground Vol. 4: Ben Tufts

    Ethan Gotsch While working as a professional musician can be a rewarding experience, it is not an easy career. Now more than ever, professional musicians are expected to be knowledgeable in most or all aspects of music, skilled at one’s instrument(s), savvy when it comes to the business side of the industry, and able to work day or night.  A prime example of the workmanlike attitude found in the modern musician is the D.C. area’s very own Ben Tufts—a drummer by trade who has expanded his musical horizons to do just about anything thrown at him. Volume 4 of the Titan Underground will examine how Tufts evolved into a musical…

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    Dear Class of 2020, We Haven’t Forgotten About You

    On June 13, 2020, the city lit up red, white, and blue to celebrate the graduating seniors from Alexandria’s only public high school, T.C. Williams. Hundreds flocked to the illuminated George Washington Masonic National memorial for photo ops and farewells and the celebration of a pivotal teenage moment, graduation, in an unexpected way.

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    Club Profile: Watershed Warriors

    Watershed Warriors is a club at T.C. Williams that aims to help educate Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) elementary school students about our watersheds so they learn to care for the environment. It is currently run by juniors Amelia Bernstein and Ella Bruinooge but it was originally started by Ana Humphrey, a 2019 graduate.

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    Titan Underground Vol. 3: Crooked Beat Records

    In Volume 3 of The Titan Underground, we venture to 802 North Fairfax Street in North Old Town to explore Crooked Beat Records, which carries a variety of vinyl records, CDs by local artists, record players, and music-related merchandise. To some, this small shop is a relic of the past. After all, when people have access to a seemingly infinite amount of music on their phones, why buy a physical record?

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    A Coffee Toast and Roast

    Fontaine, Misha’s, Uptowner, Buzz and more. These are just some of the many coffee shops that line the streets of Alexandria. As an avid coffee drinker and connoisseur, I was determined to discover the best coffee in Alexandria, as it is lousy with these shops. However, I also wanted to find some of the...less tasty coffee that places that Alexandria has to offer in an effort to spare you from spending money on a below average watered down bland-bean cup of joe.

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    Happy 60th Birthday Mr. Yach!

    On March 13, Titan students, teachers, and staff left T.C. Williams amid the coronavirus pandemic's emergence in the United States. Now, ten months later, most students and staff are still at home, but King Street campus food services, custodial support, and Helpdesk staff never left.

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    Superintendent, T.C. Teachers Get Covid Vaccine Amid School Reopening Plans

    Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) partnered with the city government and the Virginia Department of Health to get teachers COVID-19 vaccines as in-person school approaches for some students. Alexandria is one of the first cities in Virginia to move to Phase 1b of vaccinations, which includes essential workers such as public and private school employees, the elderly, and staff workers in correctional facilities and homeless shelters.

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    Behind the Gossip

    While perusing Instagram over the summer, T.C. students may have seen some mysterious anonymous gossip accounts surface: @tcwilliamstea and @tcwhs_ships. Inspired by a trend on the popular social media app Tik Tok, the owners of these accounts compiled gossip, known to Gen Z as “tea,” and relationship pairings or “ships” to post.