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    The Coronavirus and College Applications

    For nearly a century, most prospective college students have been required to submit standardized test scores as part of their application; however, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, that has all changed.

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    Don’t Let Social Media Take Over

    For this generation, our lives have existed in the online world. We are consumed in likes, tags, and comments. This is no way to live a healthy lifestyle. As humans, we tend to please other people to ensure that we are accepted into their group. But what about you? What about your mental state?

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    T.C. Teachers’ Take on Online Learning

    Over the past three months, coronavirus has caused unprecedented changes to take place in everyone’s daily lives: who they can see, which stores they can shop at, how they work, and in the case of students, how they can continue to learn outside of a classroom environment. T.C. Williams is no different, and teachers are being forced to make changes to maintain learning online. Theogony talked to five T.C. teachers and here are their four major takeaways about online learning.

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    10 Best Way to Destress From AP Testing

    College Board finished their AP testing on Friday, May 22 (except for make-up exams happening through June 1st to June 5th). With testing out of the way, here are Theogony’s top ways to destress after the testing season.

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    John Krasinski Shares Some Good News

    If you have turned on the TV at all while in quarantine, you have probably run into constant, repetitive, depressing, but necessary news stories about COVID-19. Well, John Krasinski is here to bring a little light.

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    Outer Banks Review

    “Two tribes one island.” Perfectly sums up new Netflix show, Outer Banks. The quote sums up the underlying problem the show is based on, a major difference in social class. After being released on April 15, 2020, The show climbed up Netflix's top ten most-watched shows to first by May 5, 2020. There is only one season currently streaming on Netflix and rumors of a season two have already started.