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    Theogony’s Athletes of the Year

    T.C. Athletes Make Their Mark On and Off the Field Hunter Langley ***Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Theogony has decided to not include spring sports athletes on this list. Male Athlete of the Year: Robert Longerbeam To say Longerbeam was anything short of dominating during this past football season would be an incredible understatement. Longerbeam showed a lot of promise in his Junior campaign last fall, enough to win him Male Athlete of the Year last year. He lit up every camp and 7 on 7 game he attended in the spring and still managed to exceed all expectations for his senior season. He led the Titans to an 8-4…

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    The Coronavirus and College Applications

    For nearly a century, most prospective college students have been required to submit standardized test scores as part of their application; however, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, that has all changed.

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    Where is the Empathy?

    As coronavirus continues to spread across the country and around the world, a shocking lack of empathy rises from its path. While scrolling endlessly as one does on Instagram, I came across a picture on my feed and was taken aback.

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    The Diary of a New Student

    In early January, I had never heard of T.C. Williams High School, but on February 3, 2020, I became one of its newest students. This is the school where I hope to remain for the rest of my junior year and hopefully up to graduation. Within the span of two weeks, I went from the home of the Lightning bolt to the home of the Titans; leaving Maryland for Virginia, after growing up there my whole life, was a major change.

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    Censorship: Modern Dilemma in Schools

    Why Virginia Should Pass the New Voices Act Nikki Harris and Rachel Wilson In an age where local journalism is deteriorating rapidly, censorship in schools has further contributed to the disinterest in reporting for both reporters and consumers.  In the past decade, hundreds of institutions that cover local events have had to close or lay off employees, making high school journalism the only hint of coverage in some news deserts. The absence of local journalism has led to less accountability in the lower levels of government and reduces split-party votes in local elections, which deepens a problem of polarization in the United States. Former Speaker Tip O’Neill famously once said,…

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    Headscarves Stir Controversy

    Is the Rule In Girls Basketball Really There for the Players’ Benefit? Jacqueline Lutz When members of the Freshman girls basketball team suited up for their game against Hayfield on January 10, some players had no idea that part of their uniform would be disputed.  When they stepped on the court, players wearing headscarves were told they may not be eligible to play. According to the referees, there is a Virginia High School League (VHSL) rule stating that playing with any form of gear on or covering a player’s head requires them to have a waiver.  The girls played, but the setback delayed the game’s start by almost 30 minutes,…

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    Is the Women’s March Still Strong Three Years Later?

    Students’ Opinions on Annual Protest Moira Sirois and Katie Vastola This year marks the fourth annual women’s march, January 18, 2020. The women’s march started in 2017, at the time of Trump’s inauguration.  This year’s march was sophomore Anna Windmuller’s second. Her first was in 2017. She went this year because she wanted to see if people still had the same attitude on feminist activism.  She felt that this year, it was quieter and there were fewer people than there were in 2017. She was a little disappointed because it seemed like people were less enthusiastic about it and it wasn’t as big of a thing as it was three…

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    Do Parental Monitoring Apps go too Far?

    Apps that let parents monitor their kids’ phones are controversial. Parents feel the need to supervise their kids’ activity online, while kids and teens do not want their location checked or their devices controlled. Although it is important to watch over your child, some apps take it too far.

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    Stop Complaining and Start Changing

    In late October 2019, Forever 21, one of the top fast fashion retailers in the country, announced it would be closing over 100 locations in the U.S. alone. The announcement was met with excitement from environmentalists and proponents of sustainable fashion--as well as excitement from young girls getting ready for the anticipated doorbuster sales. But what exactly goes into that $4 t-shirt or $6 pair of jeggings? What goes into your favorite pair of tennis shoes? What goes into that homecoming dress you wore only once? What is the dirty little secret that fast fashion companies like Forever 21, Zara, H&M, Nike, Pacsun, and Under Armour are hiding in plain…