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    ‘The Little Things That Add Up’

    Winter is an interesting time for T.C. sports, with boys basketball games being by far the most popular sport. While the boys are on an upswing this season, generating a lot of buzz and excitement, it seems as if people keep overlooking the remarkable success of the girls sports programs. The female student-athletes need money from ticket and concession sales to afford certain luxuries just as the boys team does.

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    You Have Been ‘Kaganized’

    This year, T.C. has instituted new classroom teaching structures that aim to increase student interaction. You may have heard the phrases “Rally Robin” and “Round Robin” in your class; well, congratulations, you have been “Kaganized.”

  • Thank you to Mr. Ly for creation of clarifying advisory flow chart. Photo courtesy of @_Simons_says

    New Advisory Schedule: A Mistake

    Starting Second Quarter, the advisory period was changed from going to the same specific class every day to a complex schedule of changing classes varying by the day, similar to the schedule used last year. The change is vastly disliked by most students, and with good reason.

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    Schools Need More Current Events Discussions in Class

    Your phone vibrates and a notification comes in from the Washington Post: “Trump Dropped G-7 Plan after Pushback from a GOP Tired of Defending Him”,“Ohio Counties, Drug Firms Reach $260 million Deal in Opioid Case”, “Dallas Tornado Devastates Homes, Leaves Thousands without Power.” Every day, we receive notifications about current events from around the world that are shaping our global society, but why do we never discuss these events in the classroom?

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    TC’s Reaction to Impeachment

    In the past couple of weeks, the nation has been buzzing with talk of the possible impeachment of President Donald Trump. Since T.C. is in close proximity to the nation’s capital, students are closely tied to the issue and have mixed feelings about the impeachment investigation.

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    Tall Girl’s Tall Tale

    “How’s the weather up there?” is a line repeated constantly in the new Netflix Original movie Tall Girl, which has recently taken the internet by storm. The movie’s release on September 13th, as well as its intense marketing campaign on social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, has garnered the movie significant attention, but generally not the positive kind.

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    ‘It is More of a Girl Thing’

    “This has been an experience [where] I have learned a lot...Time to hit the pause button, which is what we did,” said T.C. Williams Principal Peter Balas at the Dress Code Forum on September 25.

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    Dual Language: The Program Left Behind

    Many students in ACPS have been taking Spanish since entering elementary school as a part of the Dual Language program. Offered at both Mount Vernon Community School and John Adams Elementary School, this Spanish-immersion program is lost once students move to middle school.

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    Is “Instagram Activism” Activism?

    Instagram has designed and promoted itself as a tool to escape the daily monotony of our lives. Teenagers use it to brag about their summer trip to Italy or for a dramatic birthday post filled with humiliating pictures. Yet, Instagram has evolved into a platform to advocate for social justice.

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    The Revival of Trends

    When walking around the halls of T.C., it is evident that trends from the past are back in fashion. Scrunchies, butterfly clips, Reeboks and Converse have all made a comeback. These returning trends pose the question: why bring them back?