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6 Ways You can Take Care of Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Stella Williams

The coronavirus outbreak has caused a jarring change in all of our daily lives. Keeping our mental health in shape is especially important now, as we have to deal with change and other fears about the virus. Here are some ways you can take care of your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Take a break from the news.

Constantly reading or watching the news about the virus can be upsetting and anxiety-inducing. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a break from the news and social media. Put your phone down and take some time to do things that are not related to the virus, like a hobby that you enjoy, your chores, or reading a book.

2. Practice mindfulness.

Take some time to be in the present and with yourself by doing a mindfulness exercise. If you are already familiar with mindfulness, do what you like the best. If you have not tried something like this before or want to know more, there are guided mindfulness exercises on YouTube as well as apps like Headspace and Calm that talk you through how to do them.

3. Stay in touch with your loved ones.

Make time in your day to reach out and connect with your friends and family, whether that be writing and email, sending a text, or setting up a video chat.

4. Create a routine.

The days can start to blend together when you are stuck at home. To give your days structure and purpose, create a routine that you can stick to each day. Make sure to include time to do work, time to connect with people, and time to eat three meals a day.

5. Take care of yourself.

Make sure that you are getting enough sleep and try your best to have a healthy sleep schedule. Engage in physical activity, whether it be walking outside or doing a workout challenge. Make sure to take time for yourself each day and keep up your hygiene.

6. Journal.

Journaling is a great way to work through any stress or anxiety you have about the pandemic. You can journal when you feel overwhelmed and need to vent, or you can just journal about the experiences that you have had. You can also find templates or prompts online if you are having trouble getting started.