10 Best Way to Destress From AP Testing

College Board finished their AP testing on Friday, May 22 (except for make-up exams happening through June 1st to June 5th). With testing out of the way, here are Theogony’s top ways to destress after the testing season. 

Alexis Larsen

*These are not in any specific order*

1. Meditation and Yoga

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Meditation can help both the mind and body decompress from its daily activities. By focusing inward and slowing your breathing, this is a sure way to reduce your heart rate and distress.

2. Go on a Walk or Run

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Exercising is effective and natural for your body to destress. When exercising your body releases endorphins which will help increase your happiness and reduce stress hormones. 

3. Change Your Environment

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After weeks of being stuck in the same place, changing your environment is a wonderful way to clear your mind and reduce stress. Although most places are currently closed due to quarantine, parks, backyards, and driving in a car are all great options. 

4. Play a Relaxing Game

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Whether you are into video games, mobile apps, board/card games, there are many options for you to find a game you enjoy. These games will help keep your mind at work by focusing on much smaller issues to take your mind off of school and studying. Some of our recommendations include Animal Crossing, solitaire, or banana grams.

5. Watch a Movie

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Take your mind off of all of your problems for an hour or two. By watching a movie, you can sit back, relax, and take your mind off your school work and focus it on the story unfolding before you.

6. Do Something Creative

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Work on something you are passionate about. This can be baking, drawing, journaling, or any other hobby you have. Simplicity is key here, don’t overwork yourself. Studies show that small repetitive motions used in things such as knitting are great ways to soothe anxiety.

7. Breathing Exercises

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Deep breathing exercises are fast and effective ways to reduce heart rates and decrease tension. 

8. Sleep In or Take a Nap

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Sleep is an essential part of helping the body stay healthy and strong. Without having to wake up from school at 8:30 each morning, we’re sure most student’s sleep schedules have completely derailed, so here is a friendly reminder that the body needs at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

9. Unplug

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One of the main causes of stress can come from too many electronics. Now that schools have transitioned online, students have had an exponentially increased reliance on their computers and phones in order to complete classwork, tests, and zoom calls. To combat this, consider turning them all off and stepping away from electronics for a bit.  

10. Try Something New

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Picking up a new hobby is a great way to get your mind off of the stressful school year. One beneficial thing from quarantine is the increased amount of free time at home, so why not put it to good use? Be it cooking, an instrument, origami, painting, or anything in between, now is a wonderful time to learn something new!