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    Behind the Gossip

    While perusing Instagram over the summer, T.C. students may have seen some mysterious anonymous gossip accounts surface: @tcwilliamstea and @tcwhs_ships. Inspired by a trend on the popular social media app Tik Tok, the owners of these accounts compiled gossip, known to Gen Z as “tea,” and relationship pairings or “ships” to post.

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    You Are Cordially Invited to Corona Thanksgiving!

    Come one, come all! Hereby everyone who is currently reading these words is invited to my Corona Thanksgiving celebration, or as I call it: Thanks-Corona-for-ruining-my-life. Please save the applause until the end, I know I’m absolutely hilarious (If any SNL intern is reading this please just hire me already, I know you want to, I have lots of funny jokes like these I swear. I also take tips, provided in cash or Starbucks Gift Cards).