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Senior Sunrise Photos

Seniors Learn the Meaning of “Rise and Shine” at the Masonic Temple

Hunter Langley

Senior class officers: SGA President Miranda Sedehi, Class Vice President Nyla Fox, Class Treasurer Ella Kahl, Class President Karam Burjas, Class Secretary Kiernan Almand and SGA Vice President Maddie Oehler lineup for a photo
Eliel Goddot, Anthony Parsons, Joey Schmidt, Eric Marlow, Tony Ignacio, Braden Porterfield and Ned Lu enjoy the sunrise together
Ella Kahl and Kiernan Almand hold up the “2021”
Patrick Kenney and Halle Reinholtz
Nyla Fox and Karam Burjas throw up peace signs
Allie Ryder, Kaela Coren and Meg McKenna pose for a picture
Star linebacker Jesse “Polamalu” Bonilla
John “Booty” Kanu holds back laughter
Mike Honesty flexes
Albert “Big Al” Calamug throws up the peace signs
Rachel Simmons, Anna Rigby, Lauren Maho, Kendall Rayome and Izze Metzler enjoy the view together

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