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Quarantine Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Ideas that thrived throughout the six months of the pandemic

By: Katie Vastola and Moira Sirois

During quarantine people are finding new ways to take up their time; online shopping is a big part of that. LED lights, blue light glasses, and masks have been a part of these last few months.

One trend that developed early in quarantine was LED strip lights, gaining popularity largely because of TikTok. With  different color options and light patterns, there are manys to customize the mood. Senior Josh Collins said, “they create a nice vibe in your room, especially when I am doing homework.” Collins said he usually keeps his lights on red because “the other colors are not as comfortable at night.”

Junior Norah Ludke said she “usually keeps them on light pink.” There is a remote that comes with them to adjust the colors but red and pink are commonly used.
Another trend is blue light glasses to protect your eyes from blue light from screens.  The glasses help prevent headaches and reduce strain on the eyes caused by increased screen time.  

Collins said, “I am always on my computer, but I never really get headaches from being on my phone or computer so I am not entirely sure if they help or not.” 

Junior Casey Jackson said, “I would like to get bluelight glasses because I get headaches from spending so much time on the computer throughout the day.”

Although many people find blue light glasses beneficial, some find them ineffective in meeting their needs. Sophomore Anna Huber-Wilker said, “I do not get headaches from being on a screen for too long, so it would be a waste of money.” 

Masks naturally gained popularity in the early days of the pandemic, but more fashionable options have come into style. Some people have preferences for certain types of masks, while others do not. Collins said, “it does not matter the type as long as I am keeping myself and those around me safe.”

The most popular types of masks are medical masks and cloth masks. Huber-Wilker said, “I prefer medical masks but they are not the best [for the environment] because they are single use, so I use cloth masks.”

There are many different places to get masks; including online shops and hand making them yourself at home. Jackson said, “My grandma made some for me and I got others from Etsy shops.”

Jackson also prefers cloth masks because they are reusable. She says, “I have mostly patterned ones, but I like solid color ones too.”