Brown v. Board: 60 Years On – The Action that Took 14 Years to Complete

The Turner Family

On a damp grey morning at 8:15 a.m. on February 10, 1959 — exactly 60 years ago this week — two African-American school children walked across a line of 58 police officers to become the first black students at an all-white elementary school in Alexandria. On the other side of town, three other African-American children walked into the all-white William Ramsay School. Their actions were the start of a long, slow process to desegregate Alexandria City Public Schools — a process that took another 14 years to complete.

Secondary Students Choose from More than 400 Different Course Offerings

2019-20 Program of Studies

The course selection process for rising middle and high school students starts this week. ACPS offerings span the spectrum — from strong academic programming, college-level and credit-bearing courses, Career and Technical Education to college-readiness programs so that students have access to the courses, resources and supports they need to reach their goals for college, career and life. Learn more.

Ferdinand T. Day Elementary School Wins Award for Creative Design

Ferdinand T. Day and children playing outside of school

When Alexandria’s newest elementary school opened last September, it was named after one of Alexandria’s Civil Rights icons. Now, six decades after Ferdinand T. Day was one of the trailblazers in Alexandria’s fight for desegregation, the school that bears his name has been awarded a design innovation award for using creativity to solve one of Alexandria’s other problems: space.