Student Aspirations Lead Next Phase of The High School Project

ACPS is taking the next steps toward a solution for creating opportunities and expanding our programming at the high school level over the next five years. This includes looking at potential program and partnership opportunities and possible places to locate these programming options.

Just as our ’71 Titans led the way forward, students who now dream of a new high school experience are once again moving Alexandria into tomorrow.

Central to every decision being made regarding The High School Project is ensuring that all students have equitable opportunities. Students have asked for more choices, more opportunities to learn critical-thinking skills, exposure to careers, the chance to work in local businesses and to study what they are most interested in.

In the coming months, education experts will be developing rich, rigorous programs that offer students a way to study what they are passionate about. ACPS is already building partnerships with higher education institutions, such as Virginia Tech and Northern Virginia Community College, and with local businesses. In order to expand offerings, ACPS will need to look at possible building sites around the city.

Equity continues to be a key part of every decision we make as we move toward a new high school experience. In order to embrace a future that is equitable for all, we also need to own our past and know where we have come from.

Reinventing the Titans means remembering those students who crossed the barriers of race to desegregate the sports fields and hallways of Alexandria’s schools. It also means being honest about the groups of students we aren’t serving well today and using this opportunity to make a change for all students’ futures. The bottom line is ACPS needs to keep Alexandria’s past present as we look at the future.

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