VOICES: Addy’s Magic Mirror

Adelaide and Stacey Flint, daughter and mother pose for a photo

While undergoing treatment for recurrent cancer, fourth-grade student Adelaide Flint entered her moving self-portrait “Stronger” into the PTA Reflections contest. Her mom, Stacey Flint, says Addy has taken a challenging situation and made something awesome.

VOICES: “It Was My First Day of School in the U.S. and I Spoke No English”

Kathy remembers her first day in a U.S. school, she was just eight years old, had just arrived from Honduras, and spoke no English. Two years later, Kathy is now working on the same level as her English speaking peers, is a model student, and excels in math. In this episode of VOICES, English learning teacher Katie Knowles talks with Kathy about that scary first day of school, missing tamales and her dreams for the future.