Interview with Leila and Claire

By Parker Treichel

For many people, theater is a creative medium, and it can be something that many people put passion in. Two of these people are Leila and Claire. The two friends have had similar and different paths to theater and are currently doing theater at ACHS. 

Leila  has always loved performing for as long as she can remember, but she started doing it more seriously when she was seven years old. Performing has always been a part of her. It has almost been like an instinct for her; the desire to perform is natural.  Her favorite role that she has done was in 5th grade, when she was in To Kill a Mockingbird. It was a really fun production for her and she was able to be a part of something.  Her dream role is Maria in West Side Story, because Maria is a strong Latina lead. 

Claire has had a different experience with theater. She started off doing dance really young and liked being on stage. She started doing theater and loved it. She thinks theater is a great way to build skills, not just with acting and performing but working with people and getting a different perspective. For a 2020 production of Romeo and Juliet, she was cast as Juliet and she put a lot of pressure on herself because it was her first big role. When, like many things in 2020, it was canceled, she learned and it helped her put things into perspective. Her dream role is Heather Duke in the musical Heathers, because she thinks it would be cool to play that character. 

Both Leila and Claire think being able to do theater during the school day is really nice and helps with being creative, and that theater class is also nice because you get to meet people with similar interests and develop your theater skills.