Interview with Yungleek and Ethan Baumen

By Josh Ayala

Interview with Yungleek

Who is your favorite artist? Lil Uzi Vert.

What inspired you to create and make music? I’ve always wanted my music to make an impact on someone and make it therapeutic in a way so the listeners can be intrigued. 

Are you signed anywhere? I am currently co-signed with Elevator, and they’re promoting my music to the public through social media and radio networks.

What’s the long term goal? To reach a million streams on every song that is dropped.

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Interview with Ethan Baumen

Who is your favorite artist? Jerry Garcia.

How did you get into music? I grew up taking music lessons and I just stuck with it ever since.

What kind of genre of music do you play for your audience? I play indie rock.

What would you like to happen in the future? To have more shows and more music to put out for the fans.

Check out his music here!