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    Editorial: ACHS, It Should Be Duncan

    The responsibility of a journalist is to chronicle the truth in its many facets with as much diligence, thought and care as possible. Theogony has historically attempted to stay neutral on school endeavors while operating in the aftermath of major decisions that affect us foremost as students — and perhaps equally importantly as student journalists. We comment precariously on these decisions, but as a part of the school community, we want to represent the interests of our school population as much as possible. Thus, we, the Theogony Editorial Board, voice our support for Mr. Alexander Duncan as the best selection for Executive Principal at ACHS. 

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    Mr. Sneakers: Alexandria City High’s True Mascot

    Mr. Sneakers is one of Alexandria City High School’s greatest anomalies. You might have seen him in someone’s hand while walking to the bathroom, scaring people crossing its path, or even thrown in the bushes by Parker Grey Stadium by sophomores who want to get rid of the infamous taxidermied squirrel. Many ACHS students, current and past, will have Mr. Sneakers etched in their minds forever. Is that a good thing? Only time will tell, but it’s certainly something.

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    Spotlight on Miracle Gross: A Creator, A Speaker and a Role Model

    During her four years at Alexandria City High School, Miracle Gross has gone above and beyond to be involved in the school community. From being in the National Honors Society to running her own small business, there is not much that she hasn’t done! Now, Gross is getting ready to graduate and will be continuing her studies at Hampton University. Also known as, “the Black Ivy League and my home by the Sea,” as said by Gross. 

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    Landmark Reinventing Itself Again

    First opened in 1965, Landmark Mall remained a landmark of Alexandria for over 50 years. The mall officially closed its doors in early 2017. The redevelopment of the site was approved by the City Council in the summer of 2021. Demolition of the mall began in May of 2022 with many locals gathered to witness the first swing of the wrecking ball on the site. Reinvention and construction are nothing new to Landmark Mall, beginning as an outdoor mall in the 1960s, to in 1990 when the mall was turned into the multi-floor indoor shopping center the public knew it as, up until its closure.

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    The End of an Era

    As the year winds down, Theogony says goodbye to a vital member. Mick Heller, a retired journalist, has been volunteering to assist student journalists since 2017. Heller worked on The Baltimore Sun and The Washington Times before becoming a sports copy editor at The Washington Post for 15 years. A California native, Heller attended the University of the Pacific before beginning his career.

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    Opinion: Is the World’s Finest Chocolate Really What It Claims to Be?

    The “World’s Finest Chocolate” candy bars are a staple among many ACHS club fundraisers, like the Orchestra Department or Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA). The bars come in boxes of 60 and are sold for $1 or 50 cents for each chocolate bar. The most commonly sold flavors are W.F. Crisp, Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Wafer, and Almond. I ranked these five chocolate bars from my favorite to least favorite.

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    Seniors Behind School Spirit

    Leadership is an elective open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. In Mrs. Cordero and Mr. Henry’s leadership class, students learn valuable skills like communication, effective planning, and other professional social tactics. Students help plan school-wide events and engage in the community. To thank our seniors for their hard work these past four years, we interviewed them about their favorite leadership experiences throughout high school.