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    A Survival Guide to Quarantine During the COVID-19 Outbreak

    The world is currently suffering from one of the worst pandemics since the Spanish flu of 1918. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is rapidly spreading around the world, and entire countries have been put in a state of quarantine. The United States is beginning to follow suit; New York and California have announced strict measures to mitigate the spread of the virus. All public gatherings have been banned, schools, gyms and shopping malls have been closed, and bars and restaurants have been limited to take-out and delivery only. The rest of the country is likely to do the same in the coming weeks.

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    How to Spend Your Quarantine Productively

    As we all know, the coronavirus has taken over our world and we are strongly encouraged to stay in our homes and can really only leave to exercise or go to the grocery store -- the epicenter of toilet paper fights. As the days go on, it gets more and more difficult to keep finding things to do. Despite the mere two weeks since social distancing has begun, people are already going stir crazy.

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    He Finally Came Clean… Sort Of

    A few months ago, we wrote an article about a social media influencer named Paul Zimmer. He first got famous on Musica.ly (now TikTok) and then gained a following on Instagram and YouTube. He dropped all social media accounts after people started a hashtag #banpaulzimmer to ban him from Musica.ly because he was scamming his fans. He disappeared until fall of this year when he posted on Instagram claiming someone named Troy Becker, a 16-year-old actor, looked exactly like him.

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    Coronavirus Closes Cherry Blossom Festival

    During late March and early April each year, the area around the Tidal Basin is usually filled with tourists and locals admiring the blossom of the cherry trees and events celebrating them, but because of COVID-19, the area is nearly deserted.

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    A Day in the Life of the Superintendent

    Theogony Follows Dr. Hutchings Through a Typical Work Day Emily Townsend and Rain Camerlinck We planned on meeting with Superintendent, Dr. Gregory Hutchings, at 9:30AM at Central Office near George Washington Middle School. The day started off with a closed meeting between the Board Chair, Vice Board Chair and the clerks of the School Board. This meeting occurs every Tuesday morning, so Hutchings can cover the Board agenda and work sessions of the school staff. Next, he had an interview for an online publication with reporter James Williamson about a possible new chief of staff, his longtime colleague and friend Steve Wilkins. “[The thing I] love most about my job…

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    Yes, Little Women Is That Good

    Little Women, released on December 25, 2019, is a phenomenal film which illustrates the struggles, sacrifices, and growing pains of a family of young women during the Civil War. The film is the seventh adaptation of the 1868 novel of the same title by Louisa May Alcott.

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    Black History Lectures: What You Missed

    Every February, 12th grade english and drama teacher Leslie Jones and social studies teacher RaAlim Shabazz organize a lecture series and assembly to celebrate Black History Month. Members of the Black Student Union (BSU) also coordinate and gave presentations as well.