How to Spend Your Quarantine Productively

By Ashlyn Kimes

As we all know, Coronavirus has taken over our world and we are strongly encouraged to stay in our homes and can really only leave to exercise or go to the grocery store — the epicenter of toilet paper fights. As the days go on, it gets more and more difficult to keep finding things to do. Despite the mere two weeks since social distancing has begun, people are already going stir crazy.

Our phones, which once used to captivate our attention for prolonged periods of time, are now boring. Online school, while necessary, drains us of our motivation. As school has become all work and little fun as students can no longer spend time with friends, students find themselves with the need to do something in the meantime.

We need to open our minds and let out our creative sides. Instead of scrolling through our Instagrams and staying up until 3 a.m. watching TikToks, we must do something creative. If playing the guitar is something you’ve always wanted to try, then try it. If painting your whole room sounds appealing to you, then do it. Now is the time to do something you have always wanted to accomplish. We can be much more productive than we think.

Laying on our beds or staring at the ceiling is not a healthy way to spend our days. Just because we cannot physically be with each other does not mean we cannot go outside on a walk and enjoy nature.

In fact, go outside. Take a camera if you want and take some beautiful pictures. Start writing a journal, document this time of your life. This moment in time will go down in history; it will be in our children’s history books. Make a dance studio or a workout room. Reinvent yourself, switch it up, bleach your eyebrows, give yourself bangs. This is the perfect time to try new things you’ve always wanted to try.

Instead of dwelling on the fact that you may not be graduating the way you wanted to or going to prom in that perfect dress you found, appreciate all the life you lived before this, be grateful for the memories you made, and how bright the future will be for all of us once this is over.

We can do so many things in the safety of our own homes. For instance, since this “break” started, I made sure to get arts and craft supplies. I do not know if it is just me, but sometimes being on my phone for too long can make me want to die of boredom; I began these activities to pull myself away from social media and it’s a great feeling.

If these times are really stressful and cause anxiety, then I highly suggest some therapeutic doodling. Get a sketchbook or a blank piece of paper and just draw. Another suggestion is to clean your room. I love switching up my room or cleaning it up; it cleanses your aura and can make such a difference in your energy.

If we are going to be at our houses all day every day until the summer, then it is good to have a place that makes you feel happy and safe. So throughout these next few months, stay proactive, do something different every day, make a schedule for yourself so you feel productive, make the best of the worst. 

This is the door to my room that I painted.