What is ACPS Doing to Support Our Immigrant Students?

Our role at ACPS is to keep our students safe and able to learn at all times. In light of recent discussions around immigration, ACPS has been taking actions to make sure that these values are upheld, in line with our policies on harassment, bullying, inclusiveness and equity.

Students are admitted to ACPS programs without regard to immigration status. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that is it unconstitutional for public schools to deny education to students on the basis of immigration status or even ask about a student’s immigration status.

This week, all ACPS schools put up a poster created by Alexandria City explaining the City’s stance on immigration in four languages. The poster is on display in the lobby of every ACPS school. For more information, please review the City’s Immigration Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions.

The Alexandria City School Board issued a statement on inclusivity and equity in November, which has been reposted on the homepage of the ACPS website this week. This statement was distributed in Spanish, Arabic and Amharic to our school communities.

Watch a video, in Spanish, of the Alexandria City School Board’s statement on inclusivity and equity:

Below, watch the School Board’s Feb. 17, 2017 discussion around the actions they have taken to help support our students at this time. Also view the presentation slides, “Resources for Supporting our Immigrant Students” from this School Board meeting.

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