Board Matters: A Run Down of the Numbers

Thursday’s School Board meeting was heavy on facilities information with the presentation of the Superintendent’s Proposed Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget, a presentation of the long-awaited educational vision for The High School Project, an update on our numbers, plus a Board Brief on where to find facilities web pages.

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Watch the full November 8, 2018 School Board meeting.

The Capital Improvement Program Budget

ACPS Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr. has unveiled a ten-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget focused on the fast resolution of urgent elementary and high school capacity issues, while also ensuring alignment with the joint goals of the City and School Board.

View the presentation to the School Board (PDF).

Watch the presentation to the School Board.

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The High School Project

This week, the project team from The High School Project: Inspiring a Future for Alexandria presented to the School Board their recommendation for an educational vision based on findings from community, staff and student listening sessions over the past four months.

The School Board will now review the feedback, alongside research on future trends and business needs, before making a decision on the direction of high school planning on December 6. The School Board will be asked to vote on the educational vision, a model by which to successfully implement the vision, and commitment to develop curriculum, operations and practices to accommodate this vision.

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View the presentation to the School Board (PDF).

Watch the presentation to the School Board.

Read more about The High School Project in this week’s ACPS Express.

Looking for Updates on Facilities Projects?

Do you want to know exactly where you can find facilities updates for your school or an ACPS facility? ACPS has always listed facilities projects on the homepage of the website, but they are now also available on school websites. Now all facilities projects at a particular school or site can be found on the homepage of that school website. If that project is also part of the ACPS modernization/Capital Improvement program, a link to those projects can, of course, still be found in the Up-to-Date with ACPS section of the ACPS homepage.

Read the Board Brief (PDF).

Fall Membership Report: It’s All About the Numbers

Each fall, ACPS is required to report the membership (enrollment) numbers submitted to the Commonwealth of Virginia through the Fall Student Record Collection. In addition, ACPS is required to provide a breakdown of these numbers both by Virginia statute and ACPS School Board request.

View the presentation (PDF).

Read the full report (PDF).

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