Board Matters: Facilities Updates and Naming the T.C. College and Career Center

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FY 2020 Combined Funds and FY 2020-2029 CIP Budget Priorities

The priorities for the Combined Funds Budget and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget are not listed in priority order and are not school-specific.

The Board discussed the water intrusion issues at Mount Vernon Community School and whether they should add more items to address each building’s “envelope” (it’s exterior, including the walls, windows, etc.)  to the CIP Budget priorities. Board Members also discussed an assessment at all ACPS facilities, which will be carried out shortly, in line with state recommendations that assessments be completed every four to five years. In the end, the proposed budget priorities were passed by the Board without any changes.

FY 2018 Capital Improvement Program Quarter Four Report

Director of Design and Construction Elijah Gross gave an update on the opening of Ferdinand T. Day Elementary School, the progress of construction at Patrick Henry School; the opening of the Early Childhood Center and its continuing construction; the ongoing Mount Vernon playground project, the Francis C. Hammond Middle School cafeteria renovations, and the George Washington Middle School kitchen and cafeteria renovation .

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr. explained that the George Washington Middle School cafeteria project was delayed due to the discovery of three tunnels under the building that were discovered by accident during construction work. The tunnels from the early 1900s were not on any plans, but were so large that they required a redesign of the kitchens to accommodate them. He told the Board that the cafeterias at both Francis C. Hammond Middle School – delayed due to the rain – and G.W. would be open by mid-October, dependent on logistics. Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy should get new playground equipment at the end of October.

Policy Revisions

Policy CC – Administrative and Organizational Plan

Updates to Policy CC were discussed by the Board that would allow the Superintendent to make changes to the organizational structure of various departments without Board approval. Only changes to the structure of the Superintendent’s Leadership team would require Board approval.

Policy JGD/JGE Student Suspension/Expulsion and Student Suspension/Expulsion Regulation JGD-R/JGE-R

Updates to Policy JGD/JGE and Regulation JGD-R/JGE-R were discussed that reflect changes to Virginia law. Overall, these changes:

  • Prohibit expulsions  and limit suspensions for Pre-K – grade 3 students to 3 school days in most cases; and
  • Reduce the maximum length of long-term suspensions to 45 school days in most cases.
  • Reduce the maximum length of long-term suspensions to 45 school days in most cases.

In addition, the policy revision proposes expanding the academic and social/emotional supports provided to students on long-term suspension.

Policy JFCD Weapons in School

Updates to Policy JFCD were discussed regarding the state prohibition on possessing weapons on school property, as well as the exceptions to the general rule. This policy will undergo further revisions to clarify the legal provisions, and will be brought back to the Board at a future meeting.

Policy FF Non-sponsored Facility Naming Request: Jack Taylor College and Career Center

The Board has received a request to name the College and Career Center (CCC) at T.C. Williams High School as “The Jack Taylor College and Career Center.” Theogony students and representatives of the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria originally petitioned to name the CCC after Jack Taylor and his business in June 2017, in recognition of his many contributions to ACPS over the years. A revised request removing the name of the business was submitted in April 2018, and Policy FF was updated earlier this month.  It no longer allows school division facilities to be named for business entities. The Board has scheduled a public hearing on the naming request for the next Board meeting on October 11th at 7:00 pm in the School Board Meeting Room at 1340 Braddock Place. Anyone is welcome to speak on the matter and should sign up by contacting the Clerk of the Board at or calling 703-619-8316.

Board Briefs

On September 21, Board Briefs were sent to the Board. Board Briefs are updates or reports sent to the Board for informational purposes.

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