• A pink, cursive I Love You sign sits in front of the blue sky. It is clear day on the Old Town Waterfront, and the rotating art installation is occupied.
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    A Weekend in Old Town

    Weekends are made for relaxation. While it can be a struggle to find something to do, one great destination right here in Northern Virginia is Old Town. The neighborhood combines historic buildings and traditions with cultures from around the world.

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    This poem by Vanessa Mensah is about the beauty of Black hair as well as the constant obstacles that Black people face because of their natural hair. "WOW your hair, can I touch it?/ My kinks and my curls are not up for display"

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    Earth Day 2022: What Students Do To Stay Environmentally Friendly

    Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22 and marks the anniversary of the beginning of the modern environmental movement in 1970 promoting a national standard of cleanliness. This year, Earth Day recognizes the devastating effects of climate change, especially human-induced impacts on the environment. The rising global temperatures, sea levels, and carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere are all effects of climate change. But Earth Day also acknowledges the changes people implement in their life to protect the environment. This year, students were asked what they do every day to protect the environment.

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    Science Olympiads Spotlight

    Every year, thousands of schools across the country compete as ‘Science Olympiads,’ putting their knowledge and skills to the test as they formulate, create, and innovate a variety of devices within the field. With Science Olympiads on track to garner similar popularity to its Mathletes counterpart, Alexandria City High School has recently created its own division, ready to participate in all levels of competition.

  • A young man in a sweater and slacks stands, acting, near steps, where a girl with strikingly blond hair and a red dress cowers hopelessly next to him. He tries to comfort her, but the distance is palpable. They are performing Little Shop of Horrors and the rest of the stage is dark.
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    Theatre, with the -re

    The curtains are drawn and the house lights are flickering. The crowd’s whispers descend into silence. The music rises, and the scene is unveiled; in the auditoriums of George Washington Middle School, Francis C. Hammond, and Alexandria City High School, a new world takes precedence.

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    Let DC Be Your Date

    To start the day off, catch the Blue Line headed towards Largo Town Center at the King Street or Braddock Road Metro Stations in Alexandria. Ride the train until you arrive at the Metro Center stop, where it’s time to get off. Walk down G St. towards 13th St. and you’ll find Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop. The shop is clean and quiet with a bright aesthetic. Employees at Bluestone Lane recommend you get the “Avocado/With the Lot,” which is avocado toast with prosciutto and feta cheese and tomatoes. For drinks, they recommend the “Affogato,” which is vanilla ice cream served with a double shot of espresso.

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    Wardle’s Wordle Wows the World

    Seemingly out-of-the-blue, Wordle has become the focal point for word game enthusiasts across the Internet. Garnering popularity in a fad-like style, the hype surrounding the game is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, a vast majority are left confused, as many are hearing the term “Wordle” for the first time. So, what exactly is Wordle? Well, the premise for the game is simple. One five-letter word, six attempts. However, with its numerous strategies and adjustable difficulty setting, Wordle can go from a casual timekiller to a testament of skill. 

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    Conversation with Alexandria Local Band Hanoi Ragmen

    Hanoi Ragmen is an Alexandria-based, six-member band known for its unique sound and rhythmic qualities. Its members include Gabriel Harr on rhythm guitar and vocals, Beck Moniz on bass and vocals, Max Powell on lead guitar and vocals, Nathan Argust on drums, and Kostia Howard on tenor saxophone. They are all 2019 graduates of Alexandria City High School (formerly T.C. Williams) and formed the group in 2018 during their time there. The members first met in middle school and were each associated with different musical groups before forming the final conglomeration of today. Though starting as a cover band, the group felt inclined to create their own original works and…

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    Remembering Virgil Abloh, Fashion Mastermind

    We lost an icon, we lost a true inspiration to our generation, and most of all we lost a role model. Virgil Abloh was the image of success, he was the image of hard work. He showed us that anything was possible; he showed us no matter where you're from, no matter your background, you can be whatever you want to be, you just have to want it enough for yourself. As for Virgil, he wanted it badly enough. From collaborations with Nike, Levi, Louis Vuitton, Jordan, to his own major designer brand, Off White, he left an indelible mark on the fashion industry.