Titan Theater Department Puts on “Little Shop of Horrors”

Jackie Lutz and Meera Trujillo

Editor and Staff Writer

After two years away, the theater department put on a spring musical production that was anything but horrific. 

The production this year was “Little Shop of Horrors,” a musical about a killer plant discovered and nurtured by Seymour (Stuart Conrad), an orphan working under the guise of Mushnik Flower Store owner, Mr. Mushnik (DeAngelo Palucho). The plant, which feeds on human flesh and blood, attracts public attention and brings business to the once struggling store, yet also conflict to Seymour as he is forced to reckon with the plant’s appetite. Throughout the musical, Seymour has a budding romance with a co-worker, Audrey (Erin Burns), but she has an abusive boyfriend, Orin (Naeem Scott.) 

The show ran for two weekends in April (4/22-4/23 and 4/28-4/30), with five shows total. The production also hosted “Snippets,” where teachers could choose to bring their classes to watch scenes from the musical during the school day. 

Ensemble songs such as “Skid Row (Downtown)” and the finale “Don’t Feed The Plants” displayed the overall talent of the company. 

A notable performance was Erin Burn’s rendition of “Somewhere That’s Green” as Audrey. Her voice filled the dark theater with the idealistic imagery of the lyrics, and the supplement of a light strobe made the performance even more striking. 

Another notable performance was Scott and Conrad in “Now (It’s Just the Gas).” They depict the spiral of both characters as Seymour wrestles with wanting to feed Orin to the plant, and Orin literally wrestles with a laughing gas mask. Scott’s acting made a disturbing moment hard to look away from, and even as he was crumbling to the floor, his voice remained powerful.

“Little Shop of Horrors” was directed by Ms. Hope E. Bachman-Miller and produced by Ms. Leslie A. Jones. The music director was Mr. Theodore Thorpe III and the choreographer was Kendall Huheey. 

Students were also vital to the production. The student director and head of student technology was senior Lyra Jaffe; the student stage manager was senior Alexandra McArver; the student crew chief was senior Ella Bruinooge, who also designed the set. 

 ¨Little Shop of Horrors” was such a success that on May 13, 2022, the cast and crew were nominated for five Cappies Awards. Cappies are seen as the equivalent of an Oscar or Tony for local high school theater. Stuart Conrad is nominated for “Best Male Lead in a Musical ” for his role as Seymour Krelborn. Erin Burns is nominated for “Best Female Vocalist” for her role as Audrey. Ella Bruinooge is nominated for “Best Set.” KD Bectel, Lyra Jaffe, Kate Schneider, and Tanween Syed are nominated for “Props.” Finally, the Titan Stage Crew was nominated for the “Stage Crew” awards. 

Photo Courtesy of Hope Bachman

Meera Trujillo is a sophomore. She loves writing movie and music reviews as well as other witty food reviews and school stories.