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    College Board Responds to Coronavirus

    On Friday, March 20, 2020, College Board announced changes to their AP exams scheduled for this May as a response to the hundreds of school closures due to the continued risk and spread of COVID-19 or coronavirus. Prior to the announcement, ACPS had already closed their schools until April 14, the day after spring break.

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    Coronavirus Closes Cherry Blossom Festival

    During late March and early April each year, the area around the Tidal Basin is usually filled with tourists and locals admiring the blossom of the cherry trees and events celebrating them, but because of COVID-19, the area is nearly deserted.

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    Black History Lectures: What You Missed

    Every February, 12th grade english and drama teacher Leslie Jones and social studies teacher RaAlim Shabazz organize a lecture series and assembly to celebrate Black History Month. Members of the Black Student Union (BSU) also coordinate and gave presentations as well.

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    The Diary of a New Student

    In early January, I had never heard of T.C. Williams High School, but on February 3, 2020, I became one of its newest students. This is the school where I hope to remain for the rest of my junior year and hopefully up to graduation. Within the span of two weeks, I went from the home of the Lightning bolt to the home of the Titans; leaving Maryland for Virginia, after growing up there my whole life, was a major change.

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    Remembering the Titans

    Norah Ludke and Abigail Ernst September 23, 2020, will be exactly 20 years since the movie, Remember the Titans came out. In honor of the anniversary, we asked Titan alumni, and past and current staff, to recount their experiences and stories. These stories include memories and events at T.C. at the era the movie portrayed and at the time that the movie was released.  Remember the Titans was based on the 1971 T.C. football team. Many of the people whose stories we collected had personal connections with the coaches and players, despite racial and gender barriers. The movie told the story of some, but there are many more stories to…

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    Black History Month Events Schedule

    Lecture Series in the Black Box Theatre Wednesday, February 19 – Friday, February 21 during the school day Auditorium Assemblies Wednesday, February 26 – Friday, February 28 during the school day Evening Programs in Quiet Dining Wednesday, February 26 – Friday, February 28

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    A Glimpse Into Student Voting

    With the Iowa caucus fast approaching, many students must decide which candidates to support. A new poll conducted by Theogony from December 13 to January 7 found Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) leads the field of Democratic presidential candidates at 16 percent.