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    ‘There is Ability in Every Disability’

    Children with autism and other disabilities have a unique experience at T.C., as they are apart of the special education community and are often misunderstood by their typical peers. Five mothers of children with disabilities -- Mildred Rivera, Yolie Carrasco, Isabel Garcia Rosell, Omeima Khidir and Heather Trammell -- started doing school presentations to educate the student body about the experiences their children have as autistic students. They presented to the T.C. Health and Medical Sciences Academy on Tuesday, April 23, continuing at Hammond and the Alexandria Police Department.

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    The Belle of the Ball: Beauty and the Beast Is a Hit

    Dancing through the auditorium April 26, were napkins, dining ware, a clock, a candelabra, a teapot, a beauty and a beast. The Drama Department performed the spring musical, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and it will be remembered as one of the top musicals ever performed at T.C.

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    Parkour Is Coming to Alexandria

    Alexandria will soon be home to the fourth outdoor parkour park in the United States, thanks to T.C. senior Jonas Neidhardt. Neidhardt presented his idea to add a parkour park to the city council in December 2017 and is currently awaiting construction.

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    A Special Dedication to Jack Taylor

    As of May 7, the College and Career Center (CCC) is no longer nameless. A dedication ceremony was held at T.C. Williams High School in front of the CCC to celebrate Jack Taylor’s contributions to the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria (SFA) and name the CCC in his honor.