T.C. Williams Physics Teacher Named ACPS Teacher of the Year

AP Physics Teacher Laura Simons has been named ACPS Teacher of the Year and was our nominee for The Washington Post Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

Nominated by her students, Simons is a National Board Certified Teacher who has been with ACPS since 2010.

Ms. Simons is truly an exceptional teacher with a talent for making extremely challenging content accessible to her students in fun and engaging ways. Having students initiate the process of nominating Ms. Simons, a process typically undertaken by colleagues and parents, is a testament to how valued she is by those she has impacted the most,” said Interim Superintendent Lois F. Berlin.

Simons is a lead member of the science department and a lead for the physics professional learning community who actively promotes a love of science in teaching and learning communities. She established “Nerdy T-shirt Thursday,” where she and her colleagues wear physics or science-themed t-shirts to promote content. She is also a liaison for the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, which helps to prepare typically under-represented students for four-year college eligibility.

Her contagious passion for science makes her a highly sought after physics teacher.

Ms. Simons is the most understanding teacher I’ve ever had. She knows how to cater the material to her students and never fails to give us support. She lets us know that it’s okay to make mistakes. Ms. Simons 100 percent deserves this award. Her dedication to teaching and her compassion for her students makes her the best. She has definitely made me a better student and more prepared for college,” said senior Ellie Bernstein.

Learn how and why Simons chose to become a teacher:

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