Brown vs. Board: It Takes a Community to Make a Difference

Secret Seven: Integrating Alexandria Schools

In our final article commemorating the 65th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education and Alexandria’s long journey to desegregation, we turn our attention to the community activism it took to made strides towards equity in Alexandria. Learn about the Secret Seven, a group of men resolved to end the systemic racism in Alexandria in the 1960s.

Teaching’s Highest Accomplishment — What it Means for the Classroom

Andrea Lewis

Seventeen ACPS Educators earned teaching’s highest accomplishment, representing the largest group to complete the certification and recertification process in a single school year. ACPS now boasts 83 National Board Certified teachers and counselors. Find out what that means for students.

Step onto the Stage With Our Holiday Show Stoppers

delia hughes ice skates

A concert pianist virtuoso, an Olympic-bound ice skater, an aspiring Broadway actor, an award-winning orchestra instructor and an acclaimed theatre producer are just a few of those with whom we share our classrooms and our schools. Learn more about them and where they’re sharing their talents with the community this holiday season.

School Resource Officers Honored for Duties Above and Beyond

Officers Gary Argueta and Johnny Larios

When School Resources Officers Gary Argueta and Johnny Larios reached out to a struggling student over a game of soccer at T.C. Williams High School last year, the last thing on their minds was being honored for their impact in changing student lives. The two, who openly admit they themselves could have ended up in a different place without similar support, are sharing the lessons they learned the hard way so that T.C. students don’t have to.