T.C. Teacher Wins Career and Technical Teacher of the Year

T.C. Williams High School Teacher Kimberly Wilson has been named the 2019 Virginia Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teacher of the Year for inspiring others to love the work of education.

The early childhood education program coordinator has inspired one T.C. Williams graduate to become a long-term substitute teacher with ACPS and has set up more than a hundred placements in internships and field assignments, and full-time jobs for others who have earned their Childhood Development Associate Credential through her class.

Wilson received the award at the Virginia Association for Career and Technical Education last weekend at a time when CTE is becoming more and more highly recognized as a critical part of high school programing at T.C. Williams. While a few years ago, CTE was associated with auto shop, it is now connected to careers that go way beyond the basic offerings. Last summer ACPS launched the Health Sciences Academy, in partnership with The George Washington University, that offers students the opportunity to earn 18 college credits before they leave high school. In the fall, ACPS announced a partnership with Virginia Tech where students take courses in the tech field linked to VT’s Innovation Campus as part of Amazon’s arrival to the D.C. area.

At a time when we are exploring options for the high school of the future and anticipating the opening of Virginia Tech’s Innovation Campus as part of the Amazon deal, having Ms. Wilson honored as the top CTE teacher in Virginia is especially fitting. ACPS is at the forefront, offering our students opportunities and experiences that prepare them for workplace and learning environments that are evolving. Having exemplary teachers like Ms. Wilson leads to improved student success,” said T.C. Williams Principal Peter Balas.

As the early childhood education program coordinator for co-op and dual enrollment, Wilson puts student teachers through internship programs and offers them the chance to participate in programs where they can gain hands-on, real-life experience that extends their learning beyond the classroom. Many go on to gain full-time jobs after graduation while others secure scholarships to continue their education.

Ms. Wilson taught me to love education and to see the impact effective teachers have on individuals and groups. I am a senior at Coppin State University studying elementary education. Ms. Wilson cultivated confidence in me. It is because of her that I am entering the noble profession of teaching. She has a passion for developing future teachers in and outside the classroom. She is always there for and cares about her students. I know she will continue to be a light and inspiration for many students and future teachers,” said T.C. Class of 2015 graduate Eric Nelson.

Wilson helps students learn how to conduct research and solve problems, communicate effectively, think critically and manage their time. She also leverages relationships she’s formed in her 27 years of teaching with community organizations, colleges and universities to create opportunities for students.

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