Getting Started

We recommend the following resources to teachers who are new to Canvas:

1. Online Training from Instructure

Recommended for teachers who are tech comfortable and who prefer to explore and learn at their own pace. The Canvas Fundamental Series webinars provide instruction on navigating Canvas, adding content, and structuring your course. To access these sessions, log into Canvas, click on Help in the left column and then click on Training Services Portal.

2. Video Guides

For users new to Canvas we recommend viewing the Set Up Your Canvas Course in 30 Minutes or Less video.

View the complete list of video guides for teachers.

3. Canvas Instructor Guide

The Canvas Instructor Guide includes a series of short tutorial articles for teachers.

4. Start Building a Course

Log into Canvas where all ACPS employees have a “sandbox” course (if you don’t see a sandbox course when you log into Canvas, contact to request one). Anything you build in this sandbox course can later be copied into other courses.