ACPS Launches Project to Define the Future High School Experience

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Today, ACPS will be launching a process to redefine the high school experience for future generations of Alexandria students.

As you are aware, student enrollment at ACPS continues to increase each year. We have reached the point where we need to resolve the capacity issues at the high school level in order to continue to be able to offer a high quality education for every student who walks through our doors.

Rather than simply looking at buildings, space and land acquisitions in isolation, we are using this opportunity to assess the skills that our students will need to be successful in the workforce in the future, and to anticipate the business needs, not just of a global workforce but that of Alexandria, the D.C. metro area and beyond. This project will potentially create programming aligned with those skill sets and workforce needs.

If we do this successfully, we will not only be redefining the high school experience for ACPS, but also inspiring a direction for Alexandria. Our students are the future generation of the city and their experiences and skills will ultimately define Alexandria.

Over the course of the next two months, we will be holding a series of focus groups featuring students, business leaders, colleges and universities, ACPS families, as well as the wider community.

Between now and November, when the results of the visioning sessions and focus groups will be presented to the School Board, we will hold two community meetings that we strongly encourage you to attend.

There are several ways we will be keeping you informed about the process. Most important, we want your ideas, vision and input by:

We are very excited about the opportunities this project presents, not just for ACPS, but for our city. Thank you for taking the survey and getting involved!