ACPS Marks National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, a time intended to raise awareness, share resources and encourage communities to take a stand against bullying. This month, ACPS staff will incorporate lessons, activities and events to educate and empower students in dealing with and putting an end to bullying.

The City of Alexandria is a key ally in this effort. Together we created this public service announcement to encourage those who are being bullied or who witness bullying to speak up.

Anyone being bullied or witnessing such behavior should immediately report incidents to the school principal or assistant principal. ACPS will:

  1. Document the incident outlining all parties involvedphone app
  2. Investigate
  3. Notify parents of both the victim and perpetrator
  4. Take and enforce disciplinary action, if necessary
  5. Provide counseling for both the victim and the perpetrator, as needed

Instances of bullying can be reported to ACPS via the Tip Tool in the ACPS mobile app. Tips can be anonymous, however, providing as much information as possible will assist ACPS in investigating the instance of bullying.

Download the ACPS app

Alexandria Safe Place is the City’s 24-hour hotline to report bullying or crisis events. To access immediate help and support for young people ages five through 18, call 703-746-5400.

Learn more about the Mayor’s campaign to end bullying, which encourages citizens to wear green and declare their support for a bully-free Alexandria.

Last week, students from Francis C. Hammond Middle School participated in Rachal’s Challenge and took the pledge to be kind. Some are featured in this public service announcement encouraging us to #BeKind.

middle schools students extending their hands with "be kind" written on them


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