Four Reflections Winners Move on to Compete at State Level

Four ACPS students have placed first in the Northern Virginia District level of the PTA Reflections Art contest, and will now go on to compete at the state level.

Congratulations to:

  • Janae Holster, an eighth-grade student at George Washington Middle school for her first place dance choreography award in the middle school division for “Fragile
  • Eliza Gwin, a fifth-grade student 5 at Matthew Maury Elementary School for her first place film production, “My Story” in the intermediate division
  • Hannah Miller, a senior at TC Williams High School for her winning literature entry in the high school division, “The Black Minivan”
  • Jonathan Morgan Petrini, a ninth-grade student at TC Williams for his first place music composition in the high school division, “The Plot Thickens

The four winners will advance to the statewide level competition, which will announce its winners in mid-March.

Congratulations also to the following students who were also recognized in the District competition:


  • Ava Marcy, 4th grade, MacArthur, “The Story of My Life” (3rd Place, Intermediate division)
  • Sophia Marcy, Kindergarten, MacArthur, “Hall of Fame” (Honorable Mention, Primary division)


  • Wesley Anderson, 2nd grade, Maury, “Picture of Me” (2nd Place, Primary division)


  • Charlie Lorenz, 2nd grade, MacArthur, “So What Is It?” (3rd Place, Primary division)
  • Rena R. Cooper, 3rd grade, MacArthur, “My Happy New Mommy” (3rd Place, Intermediate division)
  • Madeleine Quill, 8th grade, Jefferson-Houston, “What It’s Like To Be Different” (3rd Place tie, Middle School division)


  • Eliza Gwin, 5th grade, Maury, “You Were” (3rd Place tie, Intermediate division)
  • Alexander Toa Tiapula Tuson, 6th grade, GWMS, “My Theme Song” (Honorable Mention, Middle School division)
Photo-HS, Fatima Chavez, TCW - El viaje hacia Alegria

Fatima Chavez, 12th grade, TC Williams, “El viaje hacia Alegria” (2nd Place, High School division)


  • Fatima Chavez, 12th grade, TC Williams, “El viaje hacia Alegria” (2nd Place, High School division)
  • Liam Jovivic Doussard, 1st grade, MVCS, “Paris” (3rd Place, Primary division)
  • Sarah Devendorf, 8th grade, GWMS, “Incomplete” (3rd Place tie, Middle School division)
  • Noah Sternberg, 4th grade, MacArthur, “The Camera and Me” (Honorable Mention, Intermediate division)


  • Julianne Joven, 8th grade, GWMS, “A Reification of Life” (3rd Place, Middle School division)
  • Kit Vontz, 3rd grade, MVCS, “Chapters in Kitstory” (3rd Place tie, Intermediate division)
  • Georgia Crutchfield, 2nd grade, MVCS, “My Life in Clay” (Honorable Mention, Primary division)

    VisArts-INT, Kit Vontz, MVCS - Chapters in Kitstory

    Kit Vontz, 3rd grade, MVCS, “Chapters in Kitstory” (3rd Place tie, Intermediate division)

  • Ava Benbow, 10th grade, TC Williams, “Self Portrait” (Honorable Mention, High School division)

Several recognition events are planned.

  • March 2: Northern Virginia Community College will recognize all city-level Alexandria Reflections winners at its annual free Children’s Concert, 7:30-9:00 pm.
  • March 24: the Alexandria PTA Council hosts the city’s Reflections Awards Program & Art Show Opening at the Durant Arts Center, beginning with a reception at 6:30 pm.
  • April 21: Northern Virginia District winners will be honored at the PTA District’s Awards Program at George Mason High School in Falls Church. (Details TBA)

Congratulations to all of Alexandria’s District winners, and best of luck to Janae, Eliza, Hannah, and Jonathan in the state contest!


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