Governor Announces All Schools Closed For the Remainder of the School Year

Today, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced that all K-12 schools will need to close until the end of the school year in response to the continued spread of the novel coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19.

The Governor made the announcement at 2 p.m. on Monday, March 23. The Governor’s announcement in full will be posted online.

The announcement to close all schools across Virginia means that Alexandria City Public Schools will need to ensure continuity of learning from home throughout the remainder of the school year.

Fortunately, our team has been preparing for this eventuality. Our staff is confident we can provide a continuity of learning for all students in ACPS. However, we need a few days to solidify those plans to make sure that our expectations are aligned with the Virginia Department of Education’s guidance and every student within our school division gets what they need.

Tomorrow, we are expecting more guidance from the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) around graduation requirements, high school credits, Standards of Learning (SOL) testing, and how to move forward with continuity of learning that meet Special Education requirements. Once this information is released from the VDOE, we will begin to share our refined plan for the extended school closures with our families and staff.

We will continue working collaboratively with the VDOE on these guidelines. If there are any specific questions, please direct them to the feedback form on the ACPS-at-Home website. We will address them in the next few days via the Superintendent’s video Q&A at 3 p.m each day and in our FAQs.

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