Connectivity Issues Worsen at AC

Katie Vastola and Moira Sirois

Editor and Staff Writer

After a rocky start at the beginning of the year, the wifi had been working smoothly for the last couple of months. However, in the past few weeks, students and teachers have been experiencing slower wifi and more connectivity issues. 

Senior Lainey Eveges said, “I have noticed slightly slower wifi in some classrooms; it is making working online more difficult for several students.”

In addition to slower connections, more sites are also blocked. Eveges said she has noticed sites like YouTube and Vimeo are blocked on student chromebooks. Because YouTube is blocked, some assignments are more difficult to complete. Assignments that require YouTube videos take longer than necessary to complete because students have to find workarounds, if possible, to the wifi restrictions. 

It is spotty throughout the whole school but some locations are a dead zone more than others, such as the A200s. Senior Fiona Donovan said, “Some of my classes have no issues, while others are constantly having connection problems.” 

Some teachers have made their own wifi because their classes heavily rely on having a strong internet connection. Students and teachers alike are trying to find ways around this conflict by using hotspots on their phones, moving to different locations in the building, and using data on their phones.

The school has been working the whole school year to fix this problem. Recently, administrators sent out a notice that they were working on updates to the wifi networks. 

Donovan said, “I feel bad for the teachers having connectivity issues because they have to push back their lesson plans.”

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